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Company Mental Health Dashboard

Team Happiness & Engagement Trend

Team engagement fell below benchmark. Please review your data-based recommendations.

Team Stress & Anger Trend

Stress trend above benchmark. Please review team health recommendations in your dashboard.

Did you know that Smaile can perform employee happiness A/B tests in real time?

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Happiness & Engagement by Skin Color

Demographic group below engagement benchmark. Please review your data-driven improvement recommendations.

Gender & Age Happiness

Strong engagement for this gender and age group. Open the detailed comparison to understand the driving forces.

Mental Health Alert

One coworker has showed continously increasing (+31%) anxiety for > 60 days. Health data alerts and a tailored self-help guide was sent to the employee 30 days ago but the negative trend continues.

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Demographic happiness overview

Women happier than men

Senior workers happier

Caucasians happiest group

Remote workers happier

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